Here my goals for this year. I will be adding new ones as they come, and commenting on existing ones as I account for the progress or lack of progress I make on each one.

  1. Create a start-up venture.
  2. Pay off all debt.
  3. Perfect time management.
  4. Find ways to cut costs out of my personal budget.
  5. Save 10%.
  6. Increase my vertical jump.
  7. Lose 10 lbs.


  1. Hi,
    I admire your goals.

    One small tip. #2, say “Build wealth” instead of pay off debt. What you focus on expands, and you don’t want that debt to expand. Do you?

    Question on 3. Do you want to work for a venture capital firm or own one?

    Cheers to other ambitious entrepreneurs!


    • Marcelle,
      Thanks for the feedback. I choose to say pay off debt on purpose. That is the short term goal I’ve set to accomplish this year. Building wealth is a long term goal, but is not mentioned as part of this blog. Working for a venture capital firm would be another short-term goal that I would like to accomplish, but ultimately, owning a venture capital firm is the end goal.

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