I am Mark. I love business and entrepreneurship. I am a novice in the field of entrepreneurship, but am wholly fascinated with it. I am an avid listener of podcasts from the Harvard Business Review and the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. I read Drudgereport and enjoy surfing the blogosphere. I also love snowboarding, road biking, writing music, rock climbing, disc golf and above all my beautiful wife.
The purpose of this blog is to document my new year’s resolution to live this year as if I am the risk taking entrepreneur I believe I am, and to look for and create new opportunities to improve my personal productivity. I hope this will give the reader an intimate window into my world with all it’s challenges, inefficiencies, strengths, improvements and successes, as I experience my very own entrepreneur quest.

TO ALL READERS: I encourage open and honest feedback and advice from anyone who is brave enough to give it.


  1. I read about the technology of Terra Nova Biosystems and I believe I have a complimentary technology that might have an amazing contribution to make to the usefulness of their technology. I have googled the name of their company and have not found contact info for their company-can you help me contact one of the founders of their technology?

    I thank you for your help.
    Steve Williams

    • Yeah, I don’t think they have a website yet. I don’t know them personally, but I can do my best to track down some contact info for you.

  2. Steve,

    I do actually know these guys personally. I would be happy to make an introduction if you like. Just shoot me an email address.


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