Posted by: Mark Sorenson | April 10, 2010

Web Start-up Group

BYU hasWeb Start-up Group a great support group for emerging web-based start-ups. The Web Start-up Group meets once a month and is a great place for anyone who is remotely interested in web tech. The meeting showcases different early-stage start-ups. Each month 2-5 different groups will give a five-minute fast pitch of their idea. The audience is then given time to ask questions and give feedback for the group to use. There are a lot of serious programmers in attendance every month so there is always some great discussion going on and valuable feedback given.

The Web Start-up Group was started by Matt Smith, a PhD student in the computer science department at BYU. Matt will finish his PhD in December with his dissertation on “Social Capital in Online Communities.” This is a very interesting field of study that is very new and Matt always has interesting insight to share with the group.

FoodmoveApril’s meeting was held this last Thursday. One of the groups who presented was Foodmove is a food delivery service. It allows people to set up a delivery location and order food from certain restaurants. The idea is to order as a large group and get discounts depending on the number of people who order with you. This service is being beta tested on the BYU and UVU campuses. So, if you are on campus but don’t want to eat the food served on campus, you can log into Foodmove’s website and order lunch from Costa Vida, or Quiznos. If anyone else on campus wants to order from the same restaurant as you, you may all get a discount.

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