Posted by: Mark Sorenson | March 27, 2010

The Local Rec Center

If you are a penny-pinching student like I am then you are constantly looking for ways to save a buck. In the past, I have paid up to $50/mo for a gym membership. Some gyms have offered different things. I have had memberships at Gold’s Gym, 24 Hour Fitness, and Throwdown Elite. Each of these gyms are popular and have a lot of members. The only drawback is that they charge you quite a bit to exercise in their gym. I have recently discovered a local treasure: The Provo Recreation Center.

Believe it or not, most cities have a community recreational center. There are definitely some pros and cons for going to the local rec center.

The Cons:

  • The equipment is old and a little jenky. The weight room looks like it’s straight out of the movie “Pumping Iron” with Arnold Schwarzenegger from the 70’s.
  • The rec center opens at 7:00am and closes at around 9:00pm; a little early if you are used to working out late at night or very early in the morning.

The Pros:

  • They have a huge pool equip with diving boards, lap lanes, and wading pool.
  • They have 8 racquetball courts. Big bonus!
  • The biggest pro for using the rec center rather than a traditional gym is the membership fees. If you get a family pass (which we did with some friends) it costs you $10 per person, per quarter! That’s right per quarter. That’s a little more than $3/month. Wow!
  • There are no frustrating contracts. You can stop any time without paying some ridiculous cancellation fee.

There you have it. Those are the facts. Now you can decide if your fancy equipment is worth the money you pay to use it. I say $3/mo is a better way to go.

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