Posted by: Mark Sorenson | March 6, 2010

Mormon Entrepreneur

Mormon EntrepeneurHere in Utah Valley we have the great privilege to live among so many successful entrepreneurs. Over the last ten years, Utah has become a little hot spot for tech start-ups. We have great companies like Symantec, Novell, Nuskin, and now Omniture who were all founded right in our back yards. As with any start-up, there has to be great entrepreneurs behind it driving towards success. These individuals have what it takes to build powerful companies. They have a lot of experience and expertise that could be learned from in helping others build their start-up.

One entrepreneur here in the valley has built his business around harnessing this wealth of knowledge and making it available to everyone. Mark Mugleston created Mormon Entrepreneur because he wanted to pick the brains of the entrepreneurs who have trudged the path that many of us are now on. Mormon Entrepreneur is an online publication where Mark posts interviews he has with key entrepreneurs here in Utah Valley. His obvious focus is to interview Mormon entrepreneurs and get their perspective on the exciting world of building a business.

I had a chance to meet Mark and asked him to explain his reasons for creating Mormon Entrepreneur. He said that for the most part his reasons were selfish and that he really just wanted an excuse to be able to ask these great business men/women all the questions he wanted. He wanted to be mentored by the best and Mormon Entrepreneur gave him a good reason to call up his idols and request an interview. The best part is that anyone can go to Mormon Entrepreneur and read the interviews posted there, and believe me, Mark asks some great questions. So here is your heads up to take a look at what Mark is doing and hopefully you will find some valuable advice that will help you on your own entrepreneur quest.

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