Posted by: Mark Sorenson | February 13, 2010

Act of Kindness

This weekend I decided to show a stranger a small act of kindness. This act happened early in the morning right after my workout. My workout partner and I finished our morning lifting and decided to go to McDonald’s to get some breakfast. Inside there were quite a few homeless-looking individuals who were probably just passing the time indoors as opposed to weathering the cold outside. I bought my meal – two hash-browns, two McGriddles, and a water – and  sat down. I selected the wallflower who looked particularly down on his luck. I also scanned to weed out anyone who looked like they had spent their last penny on crack. I choose a lonely looking man sitting by himself. I grabbed one of my McGriddles and headed his direction. He didn’t even see me approaching when I slapped the McGriddle down in front of him and said, “You look like you need some breakfast. Enjoy!” I expected him to show some kind of appreciation for what I had just given him. In my mind, I might as well have given him a job and a place to stay. I was sure my generosity would be returned with at least a little “thank you” or something, but it wasn’t. The man barely blinked when I gave him the sandwich. He let is sit there while starring at it for a while. I walked off and sat down with my buddy. I turned to see him slowly grab the sandwich and eat it without even looking up. Kinda weird.

I guess it’s not up to me to decide how someone else is going to receive an act of kindness. After all, if I am being kind only to get some sort of praise, what how giving am I really being. Not at all giving. I am only giving so that I can receive something. And that’s how I felt about this man today. I really just wanted him to eat something. I didn’t really care what his reaction was. I just wanted to do something. So the next time I try to give some act of kindness, I’m gonna remind myself that it’s for them, not me.

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