Posted by: Mark Sorenson | February 6, 2010

How to Start a Business (Part 2)

A while ago I wrote about some advice I got from a seasoned entrepreneur named Greg Warnock, who I admire. His first piece of advice was to get into a position where you can be in front of customers. He mentioned that it’s the best way to identify problems that can be solved and possible new business ideas.

The second piece of advice he gave me was this: He said, “You know, I’ve known so many entrepreneurs who have their spreadsheets and figures all calculated; they know all about the market and the trends of the time, but all they seem to do is talk without a lot of action to back it up. If I were you, I’d not worry so much about the details. I’d just go out and do something. Do anything, even if it’s not perfect. The rest will work itself out, but you’ll never get anywhere if all you have are a bunch of spreadsheets.”

This seemed like something I had heard before, but hearing it this time made me stop and think about my plan and my actions. Do I just talk about being an entrepreneur without doing much about it? Or do I take action. Well the answer to that question for me, at least, is that both are true. I talk a lot about starting a business. I have my own spreadsheets and figures planned out. I also am taking action to try and start something of my own. Even though I run into road blocks, I can’t give up. I have to keep trying to make something work. It’s in my nature to keep pushing despite the opposition.

In this cut-throat business environment we live in, we must be more willing to let our ambition drive us. We must not let our fears stand in the way of accomplishing our dreams. So ask yourself the question: Am I a person of action? Am I going after the prize I have my eye on? Am I sacrificing what needs to be sacrificed to accomplish what I set out to accomplish? And in the end, you will have started that dream business and will be able to look back and feel the satisfaction that it was all worth it.

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