Posted by: Mark Sorenson | January 23, 2010

Blog Conversion

This semester I am taking a business writing class at BYU. Part of our class assignments are to write. Imagine that. We are supposed to create a blog and write in it once a week. Well this blog has already been created and I’m going to use it for this assignment. Here’s the catch: There may be some posts on here that don’t fit into entrepreneurship. There may be a random post that may not have anything to do at all with business. Keep that in mind, and I will do everything I can to make these posts interesting.

So what kinds of things am I going to write about? Currently I am taking two land use planning classes, and we often write short papers reacting to articles we’ve written. I may post some of my thoughts on land use planning every once in a while. I may just talk about the current events in my life. Some posts may get personal while others may just be down-right boring. In any case, feel free to add your two cents if you care to. Who knows, we may end up having a fun little discussion.

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