Posted by: Mark Sorenson | December 16, 2009

Semester’s End

It’s finals week and I thought I’d post a quick update in between studying for my exams.

To recap, these are the things that have gone on that I plan on writing about in a little more detail over the Christmas break.

  • Working on a new tech start-up called “Fashion Genome” – Allowing online clothing shoppers to browse clothing items based on their body measurements and style preferences.
  • Working on another tech start-up called “Findeezy” – A phone app that uses geolocation to notify users when they are physically close to stores and restaurants they enjoy shopping at. Special discount feature included.
  • Went to my first Web Start-up group meeting where I pitched Findeezy and received a lot of great feedback.
  • Met with a few phone app programmers to see if they are a good fit to work on the Findeezy team.
  • Landed a job with OptionsANIMAL – A stock options and adjustments education company.

I hope this post finds everyone well and in good spirits for the coming holiday break. Would love to hear from any of you who actually read this blog.

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