Posted by: Mark Sorenson | October 7, 2009

Utah Student 25

Utah Student 25

One of the best things about going to school is the amazing opportunities you have to network and get involved in things that really interest you. For me, the subject is entrepreneurship.

This year, BYU is hosting the first ever Utah Student 25. This is an awards program designed to recognize and reward the top 25 student run businesses in the state of Utah. It is meant to spark connections and synergy between student entrepreneurs and the local investment community in Utah. The criteria will be based on profitability and the winners will be recognized at an awards gala at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City.

I volunteered to help gather all the nominations and help them register their businesses to be candidates for the Utah Student 25. I have been able to put my sales skills to work as I call these students and “sell” them on the idea that they should complete the registration process. It is an easy sale since the advantages to registering are endless and the disadvantages are none. I am in charge of recruiting, organizing and managing a team of students to help me with the task of calling everyone who was nominated.

I consider this kind of service an privilege. In return I am able to network and rub shoulders not only with other student entrepreneurs but many of the key investors in Utah. This will help me down the road in funding my own company. I am also able to get a better idea of what kind of opportunities are out there of entrepreneurs.

So, go back to school. Because you never know what kind of service projects will result in such great opportunities.

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