Posted by: Mark Sorenson | May 20, 2009

Are You Franchised?

What makes McDonald’s the biggest fast food chain in the world? Why is Starbucks one of the fastest growing coffee shops in the world? Is it because they have superior products? Does McDonald’s really have the best hamburgers ever, or does Starbucks really make the best coffee? No. It is because those companies have the best systems. They have the best formula for success. They have consistency. You can go to any of the thousands of McDonald’s restaurants in the world, order a Big Mac, and get the exact same burger no matter where you go. Each McDonald’s restaurant is a clone of the others. There is little or no difference in how each McDonald’s or Starbucks is run. Each is a franchise of the original.

So why would a business want to do this? Why do so many entrepreneurs buy a franchise when they want to start a business? It is because when you buy a Starbucks franchise, you buy the formula that has brought every other Starbucks franchise owner success. You buy a pre-packaged business where all you have to do is plug yourself in and let ‘er rip. You don’t have to figure everything out for yourself. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, as you’re starting out. Because everything has been thought out for you and planned beforehand, the risk of failure is greatly reduced. You have the formula.

For any successful business, the more you can calculate, structure  and measure your success by the things you do, the better you will be able to achieve the same results by doing those thing over again. So if you have a business that is successful, ask yourself, “why is my business successful?” Can you figure out exactly what makes you better than your competitors?  How specific can you be?

The more you can answer these questions, the more valuable your company will become. If you ever decide to sell your business, you will add value to it if you can also create and sell your formula for success. You may even be able to just sell your formula so that someone else can replicate the success you have created.

This idea of replicating success is what makes a franchise so valuable. People will pay a lot of money so they don’t have to figure everything out for themselves. People will pay to lower their risk, and that is what makes EcoSure so successful.

For the last three summers, I have worked doing pest control sales. This year I decided to work with EcoSure Pest Control. I have been utterly amazed at how different it has been to work for them compared to the other companies I have sold for in the past. They have truly franchised their success model and share it with every sales rep and employee that works for them.

Dave Royce is the owner of EcoSure. He once sold 903 pest control accounts in one summer. That is amazing. Although Dave does not hold the record for most pest control accounts serviced in one summer, he is very different from the other super star sales reps. Dave has been able to franchise the way he sells pest control. Other top reps sell well, but they wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly why they sell so well. They would chalk it up to hard work and the rest just happens. But does it? Does success just happen if you work hard? No. You also need to work smart.

Dave took the time to figure out what works and what doesn’t. He did experiments. He tried different things all with the hopes of figuring out what his secret formula to success was. He actually took the time to break down his formula into tiny little things that he could identify as parts of his success formula. And with that formula, he has trained hundreds of his employees who have in turn become successful in their own right.

Dave’s company has had higher sales averages than any other pest control company out there, and the reason for that is Dave has been able to pass along his formula for success to his employees. What a great deal! Every employee of EcoSure will get to be trained to do the exact things Dave did when he sold 903 accounts.

So if you are thinking about doing summer sales, go to a place where the path to success has already been figured out for you and all you have to do is plug yourself in. If you own your own business, figure out what it is that makes you successful. Make up your own formula that you can then pass along or sell, and at the end of the day you’ll be able to answer the question: Are you franchised?

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