Posted by: Mark Sorenson | April 29, 2009

Focus on the Strengths

The best managers are the ones that can find out what the strengths and weaknesses of their employees are and then focus on the strengths. This thinking is contrary to the notion that you must focus on strengthening the weaknesses of individuals instead. The Gallup organization did a study where they interviewed thousands of the best managers in many industries and found that this idea of focusing on a person’s strengths was something they had in common.

As you allow the members on your team to play a role which focuses on that person’s strengths, you empower them to do what they are best at. When people are allowed to do things they are best at doing, they usually get a greater amount of satisfaction than by doing things that they are weak in. They become more motivated to accomplish their tasks, especially when you push them to be even better. Their effort-performance relationship will be strengthened meaning they will believe the effort they put forth will result in the kind of performance they are trying to achieve. In almost every way, employees’ performance will increase if you place them in roles that focus on their strengths.

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