Posted by: Mark Sorenson | April 24, 2009


For the last three summers I have left home and moved to a new city somewhere in the country to sell pest control. The time has come to pack up some essentials, put the rest in storage, gas up the car drive to Denver. This year I have changed from working for Eclipse Marketing to working for EcoSure Pest Control. So far my experience with EcoSure has been nothing but honest, direct, fair and fun. They have respected my needs and offered me a fair compensation schedule.

This summer I have an office of only four other sales reps. That is much smaller than the twenty or so reps I usually start the summer with. My recruiting strategy this year has been to hire for quality and not quantity. I have been very impressed with every rep that is coming out to sell with me this year. I can already tell they won’t need a lot of babysitting from me. That is a relief.

For the next four months I will be working hard on my goal of getting out of debt. I have set some personal goals that I will work to hit. I will say right now that my personal goal for this summer is to sell 350 pest control accounts. That will earn me enough money to pay off all my debts and still have enough to live off of for the next year. So as I make this transition from student to manager, I will have to be careful to make the most of my time and stay conscious about how I treat my office.

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