Posted by: Mark Sorenson | April 2, 2009

Support along the way

This blog is all about my quest to be an entrepreneur. This is a journey that has so far opened up my eyes to the opportunities all around me. Along the way I will meet other entrepreneurs who have the same quest as I do. They my have a different journey ahead of them, but it is refreshing to know that I am not alone.

One such companion is a friend of mine named Jared Harris. We worked together at a dead end job for a few months. During that time we became friends. Last night I went up to SLC to visit Jared and his wife. As we caught up, I learned that he had been laid off from the company that we both used to work for. He was given one months severance pay and away they sent him. In this economy, it is not uncommon to hear that kind of a story. Most who loose their job find themselves frantically looking for another one and hoping they don’t go hungry. (For those who are really facing starvation at the loss of a job, you should be more worried about your money management than trying to find a new job. )

Jared saw this as an opportunity. Instead of polishing up his resume, he decided to live his dream of starting up his own film production company. He had been talking with two friends of his from BYU who majored in film about starting their own company. Jared took advantage of his new-found free time and went to work building his company. After a month of laying the groundwork, Saint Cloud Film was born.

He and his friends have put together a portfolio of their work and designed a good looking website to showcase it. You can find a link to their site in my blog roll, or you can click HERE. I’ll be honest, they have a lot of talent. They are searching their networks and finding opportunities all over where they will be able to work on projects and get their name out there.

It is nice to see other entrepreneur warriors out there fighting for their cause and making their ambitions come true. So if you have the entrepreneur bug in you, and see the job market as a bleak place to be, maybe now is a good time to find your silver lining around this economic cloud and begin your own journey. And when you see others like you fighting it out, don’t forget to give them your support along the way.

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