Posted by: Mark Sorenson | February 26, 2009

Job Sanity

In my last post, I talked about how I have been looking for a new place to work this summer. The company I used to work for became so unstable that I decided to leave before the ship sank. I have since found a new place to call home. They are called EcoSure Pest Control. They are a pest control company who used to be called Moxy, but sold that business and started EcoSure this year. I am really excited to be part of their organization. After meeting with many other companies and getting flattering offers, I am so glad I choose EcoSure.

They won my loyalty because of a few particular reasons. First, they have a four-year track record of having the highest per/rep sales average than any other company in the industry. They have a much better training program for their employees and their averages are more than double what my last company could produce. Because of that, I can feel completely comfortable bringing all of my sales reps with me knowing they will get better training and be able to produce at a higher level than with any other company.

Second, we have negotiated a great deal in terms of my compensation. It is better than pretty much every other company that I had met with previously. With that said, I can rest assured that I will be getting paid what I am worth.

Third, EcoSure has no debt. In an economy like this one, I have been careful to ask the kind of question that will let me know where the company stands financially. EcoSure is starting fresh from a eight figure sell out from their last company, so they are not short on cash. Because of that financial stability, I don’t worry about the company not having enough money to pay me or my reps.

The fourth reason is that from the time I first met with the president of the company, I had a really good gut feeling about him and the company he was running. That gut feeling got stronger when I met the owner of the company. There is an atmosphere there that I feel good about. It is clear that everyone there operates with a very high level of integrity and that I can be sure that I will never have to compromise my personal standards to fit in.

So there you have it. I am one step closer to reaching my goal of being debt free since I now work with a company that is going to do all it can to help me succeed.


  1. I’m so glad you followed the cheese! It would have been so easy to just stay where you were, thinking all the while, “What happened to my cheese? It was here a second ago? It must be around here somewhere…?”

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