Posted by: Mark Sorenson | February 10, 2009

A weak start

Okay, so I’ve been really bad at writing in this blog. I posted my goals in the last post and I’ve now got to give an account for how I am doing in each.

For my goals to pay off debt, and save 10%, I’ll lump those together. I haven’t really paid off any more debt other than making the minimum payments on my loans and credit cards. I guess that’s progress. It’s really slow progress, but progress none the less. I am looking into consolidating my debt right now and will give an update on that goal soon.

Working for a venture capital firm. There is a guy that goes to my church that works for a VC firm called vSpring Capital. We went to breakfast a couple of weeks ago and talked a little about the possibility of working there also. I talked to him two days ago, and we are going to go to breakfast again. I actually met one of the co-founders of vSpring Capital last week. He spoke at an entrepreneur lecture class I go to. In fact I was really impressed with his lecture. He gave me great ideas about how to become an entrepreneur even now. I’ll share those ideas in a second.

For my goals to get in shape and increase my vertical jump, I’ll just say that I have done absolutely nothing towards these goals. I seem to have been focusing my time to school and work, but that doesn’t mean I can find time to work out. The truth is, I have never been more inactive in the past 5 years than I have in the past 2 months. It’s really pathetic. I thought about it this week, and have decided to get back on the wagon.

For my goal to live within my means, I have made some definite progress. I really want to take this one all the way. To start off, I emptied our storage unit and de-junked a bunch of our stuff. That saved me $50/mo.

The next thing I have been doing is riding my bike everywhere I can. Its good exercise (and right now, the only exercise I get) and it saves on the gas of having to drive. I haven’t figured out how much that equates to, but it feels good to be doing something.

The most recent thing I have done has been the most painful (to my pride at least). I downgraded my phone from the wonderful, useful, multi-taskable iPhone, to a regular phone. I canceled the internet and extras from my phone plan, downgraded my minutes, and am saving about $60/mo. It has been a humbling change. I used to be part of “the club,” but now I’m just a nobody who has to carry his calendar around with him in a paper planner and doesn’t check his email even half as much. As painful as that change was, I feel really good about living the principal of living within you means.

My next plan is to sell our FJ Cruiser. I love that car. My wife loves that car. It is so good in the snow. (Which by the way we live in a lot of it here in Utah.) It is so fun to take off-roading. It also costs a lot, not only in the payments we make on it, but in gas. This week I have a goal to either list it for sale, or trade it in. It will be another painful step, but will be well worth it.

With my time management goal, I have to say that there has been good and bad. The good is that I have been using a day planner to plan my days, and have been sticking to those plans. It has helped me become much more productive. I do far less time-wasting activities than ever before. The problem is that I have been getting in the bad habit of getting up late and going to bed late. I feel like those positive and negatives cancel each other out and leave me in the same place.

Now for my last goal of getting involved in a star-up company, you will have to wait til tomorrow to read about it.

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